A Small Miracle, LLC, an Aymira Company,  is a North Carolina Statewide agency that provides a comprehensive array of supports and services to children and adults of all ages, with all types of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our offices are located in Goldsboro (corporate), Raleigh, Greenville, Charlotte, Waynesville and Mooresville. We have three Adult Day Programs, located in Raleigh (Transitions), Charlotte (Idlewild) and Waynesville. ASM specializes in Alternative Family Living Homes, Specialized Consultative Services, Speech, ABA, and Natural Supports Education. We provide the full array of NC Innovations Waiver Services, Medicaid B3 Services, Medicaid State Funded Services, Private Pay and Insurance Options.
ASM also has a new initiative not offered by other agencies – The ASM Advocacy Team! The ASM Advocacy Team offers support, education and advocacy to individuals supported by ASM along with their families and natural supports by offering: Quarterly Family/Individual Advisory Meetings. Stakeholder’s Socials & Presentations on a variety of topics important to the the people we support and the community at large. Making/receiving phone calls and email contacts on a ongoing basis with those we support. The Advocacy Team has a “Speak Up!” Program that encourages families and/or staff to share their feedback with us! We want to know how we are doing, both the good things, and the things that we can improve upon.
Our Mission
Providing tools and services people need to enhance their lives and the lives of others.
Our Vision
Enhancing lives by empowering people to reach their potential.
Our Values
To improve the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities by providing support, services, education, and compassion as we assist them to build and maintain happy, fulfilling, and productive lives.
Our Core Values
  • Us and We Versus I and Me
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Do the Right Thing Even if it is Hard
  • Celebrate What Makes Us Different
  • Never Stop Looking for a Better Way
  • Every Voice Matters
  • Work Hard in Silence, Let Your Successes Make the Noise