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A Small Miracle, Inc. in Raleigh offers a wide range of therapeutic programs and advocates that each family tailor their program specifically for their child.  Our Raleigh office provides individualized programs using a wide range of methodologies including:  Applied Behavior Analysis (both Lovaas and Verbal Behavior Therapies), TEACCH, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). The ASM team combines Specialized Consultative Services, Natural Supports Education, and “program specific” staff training with one-on-one services to provide a thorough and effective program for each individual.

A Small Miracle, Inc. also believes that every member of a child’s team should work together to ensure an optimum program.  To further these goals, we offer a variety of guest speakers and trainings throughout the year.  Each quarter we offer training sessions (link to current Raleigh training schedule, including VB workshop series) on a variety of therapeutic methodologies including:  Applied Behavior Analysis Programs and Techniques (including Verbal Behavior), Special Diets such as Gluten- and Casein-Free, Relationship Development Intervention, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Social Stories, and Alternative Treatments for Autism.  We contract with the area’s leading Speech / Language Pathologists, Behavioral Psychologists and Behavior Analysts to present these trainings.  To encourage a true therapeutic team, we invite everyone to come to these trainings including staff, parents, teachers, babysitters, community members and other professionals.

Realizing that many of our individuals need assistance in areas such as socialization and appropriate play skills, we developed a Community Outing Program, and each month we schedule several community based events during which we teach specific socialization and play skills.  These outings include bowling, sports events, therapeutic horseback riding, restaurants, parks, and museums. We also offer activities for siblings to participate in, and at the suggestion of our individuals’ families, we have expanded the program to include a family outing each month that all family members are invited to attend.

The Raleigh Management Team

Candace Mondragon,  Program Director

Candace has 10 years of experience overseeing and directing operations at Your Choice Services including an unlicensed Alternative Family Living Program and Day Program in the Raleigh area.  Candace’s uncle is dually I/DD diagnosed which gives her a strong understanding of the family’s perspective on receiving services and navigating life with a loved one with special needs.  She attended Wake Tech in 2000. Candace brings a wealth of knowledge regarding residential services, Innovations Day Support and assisting adults with community transition and inclusion. Candace will also work directly with Wendy Singleton, Day Program Manager to assist with Day Program growth and transition.

Beth Gaul, Client Advocate
Beth Gaul graduated from Meredith College with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Communication in May of 2002. While at Meredith, Beth worked in the Meredith Autism Program (MAP) using ABA/behavior modification techniques to teach children with Autism. In March of 2002, she joined the ASM team as a habilitation technician, and then after graduation took on additional duties as a Family Trainer. She continued to study Verbal Behavior (VB), attending seminars by Dr. Carbone, Dr. Sunberg, and local SLP Tracy Vail. She has also attended numerous other trainings on RDI, HBOT, Special Diets, Social Stories, and other educational and biomedical treatments for autism. Beth was promoted to AP in February of 2004 and to QP in May of 2004. She was then promoted to Assistant Program Director in May of 2007. Beth was promoted to Program Director in March 2016. In July of 2017, Beth was excited to join the Advocacy Team to offer advocacy and support to ASM’s Service Recipients and Staff.  

Michael Joyce, QP
Mike Joyce graduated from State University of New York at Oneonta with a Bachelors degree in Psychology in May of 1999. He then moved to Baltimore, MD where he worked at an after school program for inner city children with behavioral and learning disabilities. In 2001, Mike moved to Raleigh and began working with ASM as a habilitation technician. In 2002, he left to teach at the Mariposa School for Children with Autism, where he received extensive training in Verbal Behavior. In 2003, Mike returned to ASM as a QP.

Ravainell Hunt, QP
Ravainell (Rav) Hunt graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in August 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Rav joined the ASM team in August 2004 working as a habilitation technician for 4 years, gaining experience and training working with children and adults with various disabilities, such as Autism and Down syndrome. He also spent a year as a job coach with an adult with special needs. Rav has attended trainings through ASM to include Behavior Modification and TEACCH. Rav was promoted to QP in August 2009

Sarah-Jane Fitch, QP
Sarah-Jane graduated from Meredith College in 2009 with a degree in Psychology. Throughout middle school and high school, Sarah-Jane volunteered at North Shelby School, a school for children and adults with special needs. While studying at Meredith College she worked as a Hab Tech and studied at the Meredith Autism Program. During her time at Meredith she was able to learn ABA and Behavior Modification Techniques. After graduating Sarah-Jane spent time working at the Tammy Lynn Center in a program which promoted inclusion of students with Autism and other special needs into typical classrooms. She has been working for A Small Miracle since October of 2009 as a Hab Tech, and was promoted to QP in March of 2011.

Kara Beasley, QP
Kara Beasley graduated in 2012 from North Greenville University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. From 2003-2007, Kara volunteered at Holy Angels in Belmont, NC working with individuals on a level of severe to profound within a group home and classroom setting. During college, Kara took courses in Applied Behavior Analysis and American Sign Language. Following graduating from North Greenville, Kara began working at a group home with individuals with dual diagnosis as well as working as a habilitation technician for A Small Miracle. Kara also worked for the Autism Society of NC in their day services program with clients ranging in age from 21-50. Kara was promoted to a QP at ASM in July of 2014
Ja’Layne Howell, QP

Ja’Layne graduated from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2010 with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work. Ja’Layne is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Public Administration. While studying at University of North Carolina at Pembroke Ja’Layne worked as a Habilitation Technician providing one on one support to individuals with varied diagnoses as well as with the YMCA’s inclusion program for children with special needs. Ja’Layne has also worked part-time as an Associate Professional in a group home with at risk teen girls with dual diagnoses. Ja’Layne has been a QP at Your Choice Services since 2010 supervising individuals with periodic services as well as Residential/AFL.  Ja’layne will continue to supervise her previous caseload from YCS and will assist with new AFL.

Oleshia Johnson, QP

Oleshia graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and will graduate with her Master’s in Psychology in 2017. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Oleshia worked in Greensboro, NC for a provider agency as a Habilitation Technician gaining experience working with adults with various disabilities. In 2014, Oleshia moved back home to Raleigh where she began working with Your Choice Services as a Habilitation Technician and was then promoted to an Associate Professional, later transitioning to QP. Oleshia has several years’ experience supervising Innovations periodic services, Day Support, and AFL. Oleshia will continue to supervise her previous caseload from YCS as well as add additional referrals to her caseload.

Erin Powell, Office Support staff
Erin is a graduate of Cary Sr High School and attended Wake Tech in 1997. She brings several years of management and accounts payable experience as well as experience with individuals with IDD. Over the past 10yrs, Erin worked as the Asst. Executive Director for Your Choice Services.  Erin’s experience included: Medicaid billing, remitting of documentation, authorization entry, interviewing of potential hires, day center inventory, residential home inspections, in addition to other responsibilities.  Erin is also CQL certified as a Reliable Interviewer and has experience conducting Performance Outcome Measure interviews.  Erin will be a welcomed additional Raleigh team member.

Tracy Vail, MS, CCC/SLP – Specialized Consultative Services
Tracy is a licensed speech/langauge pathologist who has been working with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum for over 30 years. Her love of people with Autism has led her to recieve training in a wide variety of treatment approaches including DIR/Floortime, RDI, SCERTS, ABA, TEACCH and Verbal Behavior.  Tracy is co-owner of Let’s Talk Speech and Language Services, Inc. where they provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, tutoring and consulting services.  She helped start the Mariposa School for Children with Autism and developed the origional training protocol for the school.  She is an owner and participant of the newly developed Collaborative Autism Treatment Campus (CAT-Campus) where she collaborates with other professionals and organizations to develop cohesive programs for people with autism and their families.  Tracy is also on the Board of Directors for Knowledge for People, an organization that provides training and support for organizations working with people with Autism in developing countries.  Tracy spends most of her time training and consulting and provides Specialized Consultative Services for A Small Miracle with an emphasis on teaching functional communication skills to replace maladaptive behaviors.

Erin Maher, MA, CCC/SLP – Specialized Consultative Services
Erin Maher has been working as a Speech and Language Pathologist at Let’s Talk Speech and Language Services since May 2007.  She received both her BA and MA in Communication Disorders from Appalachian State University in 2005 and 2007, respectively. Upon completing her various internships in settings such as Watauga County schools, J. Iverson Riddle Center for adults, WakeMed rehab, and a variety of private settings at Appalachian State University she realized she had a passion for working with children and was very interested in learning more about Autism. Erin found her perfect match when she began working under the supervision of Tracy Vail at Let’s Talk while completing her clinical fellowship in 2007. During this time Erin learned about ABA, verbal behavior, apraxia, Floortime, and RDI as these different techniques relate to children with a diagnosis of Autism. Erin has been providing Specialized Consultative Services through A Small Miracle since 2011.

Lisa J. Chase, M.Ed., BCBA – Speciaized Consultative Services
Lisa received a Bachelor’s of Science in Special Education from Buffalo State College in 1995. After graduation Lisa began working as a Special Education teacher at the Children’s Unit for Treatment and Evaluation in Binghamton, NY, using traditional ABA. From there Lisa went on to obtain her Master’s of the Arts in Early Childhood Education from New York University in 1997, focusing her studies on sensory integration and inclusion. Lisa then moved to NJ where she worked in private and public schools as a Special Education Teacher and Education Consultant, supporting school personnel and supervising home programs. Lisa continued furthering her education to include Verbal Behavior strategies through workshops led by Dr. Vincent Carbone, and received monthly supervision directly from his clinic for two years. Lisa moved to NC in 2007 and obtained her BCBA through Florida Institute of Technology in 2008. She currently works as an Education Consultant for schools  and home based programs providing education and behavior support to individuals with ASD, their staff and families.