Our Clinical Team

A Small Miracle, LLC. understands that a motivated, well-trained team of habilitation technicians is the key to our success. We provide one of the best wage and benefits packages available to workers in the field. This attracts and retains the best and most knowledgeable workers.

The hab-techs, QPs, our other specialized resource personnel, and the CEO work together as a team and are truly committed to providing the best possible services and support to each person we serve, thereby helping each individual to reach his or her potential.

Our Habilitation Technicians

Habilitation technicians (hab techs) must have experience and/or education in the field of Intellectual / developmental disabilities prior to joining our team.  In fact, our current workers have an average of more than six years of experience working with individuals with special needs, and more than 35% have at least a four-year degree.  After a rigorous interview process, references and educational records are verified.  Then a criminal background check is done, and our agency conducts a more thorough check than the state requires.

Once a worker is hired, we provide CPR/First Aid training, NC-mandated Core Competencies and service recipient specific training. We offer specialized training opportunities to include PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), and VB (Verbal Behavior) training, all of which provide a level of program specific training not available through other agencies. This additional training often directly impacts the success of an individual’s program.

Our staff trainers conduct numerous training sessions each month and many of these are open to our service recipient family members as well as staff.

For more information about our stringent hiring requirements, or to fill out an employment application, please visit the Employment section of our website.