Spirit Week!

The Power of 3: Q/A with our blogger Aspiewarriorprincess on what ASM’s Vision, Mission and Values mean:

Vision: What does enhancing lives by empowering people to reach their potential mean to you?

Aspiewarriorprincess: Let people live and do what they do by themselves, being there to support them.

Mission: What does Providing tools and services people need to enhance their lives and the lives of others?

Aspiewarriorprincess: For me, it means teach people what they need, How WE can help us, how you support us and change our lives.

Values: Us and We Versus I and Me
Commitment to Excellence
Do the Right Thing Even if it is Hard
Celebrate What Makes Us Different
Never Stop Looking for a Better Way
Every Voice Matters
Work Hard in Silence, Let Your Successes Make the Noise

Aspiewarriorprincess: It means not it, us.  (In) the world, there are people who can fight for us.