The summertime is the best time to catch up on movies new and old-If you are trying to beat the heat or just hang out with friends and family!  There is always a good time in the summertime to watch a movie.  My three favorite genres of movies are sports, inspirational and comedy.  One of my favorite sports movies is the Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock.  I like it because it is about a player named Michael Oher who came from rags to riches overnight.  One of my favorite parts is when they ask him to join the family during Thanksgiving dinner-The mom, Leanne asked Michael if he wanted to be part of the family he said “I thought I already was”.  After that they officially adopted him.  He was drafted into the NFL and now plays for my favorite team, the Carolina Panthers.  Go Panthers!

Another genre that I enjoy a lot is inspirational movies.  One of my favorite movies is unconditional starring Michael Ealy.  In the movie he is on dialysis, and he meets the girl of his dreams and falls in love.  It is definitely a tear jerker, that also has a happy ending.

My last genre of movies (I like) is comedy.  One of my favorite movies is Waterboy starring Adam Sandler.  I love this movie because it is a classic comedy.  My most favorite part is where he comes during half time and he makes a game ending play.

This is a small list of my favorite genres of movies.  What are yours? I hope you enjoy my list.  Maybe we can talk about what you like? Post your comments and Follow me @ Aspiewarriorprincess