ASM and TSG Transition:

ASM and TSG are becoming… Aymira Behavioral Health

We are humbled and privileged to share with you that A Small Miracle and Therapeutic Services Group are becoming Aymira Behavioral Health

Aymira is about connecting families. Our home and community based services assist hundreds of people in living their best life possible.

One of the secrets to Aymira’s success, and the main reason we provide services to the special needs community, is derived from our long-time immersion in the business of providing care

Not only has this journey cemented for us the fact that we have indeed found our “why”, but it defines our culture, who we are and resulted in a set of core values that have become our rules to live by. We have created family. A family that is focused on empowering people to reach their potential.


Why make this change?

As behavioral health evolves, we feel it will be critically important to build a strong identity. By creating Aymira we have the opportunity to build from the heritage of the many companies that have combined to make us who we are while also creating a unique and easily identifiable brand.

Why the name Aymira?

 With our mission in mind we commenced a process that included evaluating and researching many naming options. We narrowed it to one that captures the heart of who we are and who we have always been. The meaning of the given name Aymira personifies practicality, realism, reliability, discipline, sincerity and experience.

What is the time line for this change?

For a provider agency our size, there are a lot of details that go into a name change – from email addresses to building signage. It’s going to take some time to switch over to the new name. We expect it to take about a year for the change to be complete.

What does this mean for the individuals we serve?

Our goal is to have a seamless transition for the individuals we serve. Besides a new name, our Service Recipients shouldn’t notice a difference. You will continue to receive the same high quality services you always have.

What does this mean for our caregivers?

While we are reintroducing our organization under a new name, we remain as committed as ever to our teammates. We will enhance our capacity to serve through additional experience, resources, and support being added to our team.